AMEAC 2010 Terrassa


From 19th to 26th September 2010 Terrassa became the focus of EUROAVIA as the AMEAC was held here. During that week a mix of Business Meetings in the day and social activities in the evening took place making possible both the proper planning for the Associations 2011 Business Year and the socialisation among its participants. They came from all around Europe: Portugal, Italy, Germany, Serbia, Turkey, Poland, Croatia, Romania, The Netherlands and Spain.

The major AMEAC 2010 highlight was the handover between the 2009-2010 and the new 2010-2011 IB. Moreover Berlin was approved as a PAS and the rebirth of the EUROAVIA News was settled following a discussion about its possible success in the future. In the course of the 8 Business Meetings, the participants were presented reports from each AS, Working Groups, and both the already FIB (with the Financial and Business Reports) and the IB (with the Financial and Business Plan).

After the daily meetings, the participants were taken to different places and performed team building activities to better know each other in a teamwork environment, which is indeed one of the key points in the EUROAVIA vision. Apart from that, during the day off the congress the participants had the chance to attend at conferences by some of the AMEAC sponsors and to visit the Barcelona airport facilities.

We would like to thank all our sponsors and collaborators for the support, advice and help before and during those days which will be truly remembered for a long time.