Barcelona airport visit


It was the first day of classes after our Easter Holidays, but there was a reason to be happy after all. Our Executive Member Carles Munich had arranged a visit to the Barcelona airport, and 30 EUROAVIA Terrassa members felt lucky to be there.

We arrived at the airport at 15:00, where we met our guide. We were given a quick presentation about the airport followed by an instructive video that displayed some of the most important numbers of the airport we were about to visit. After putting ourselves on reflective vests for safety reasons, we took an internal bus that brought us through platforms and taxiways. We enjoyed having so close views to many aircrafts and being able to see some installations that are kept hidden from the usual passenger.

We got off the bus and moved into the CGA, which stands for Aeronautical Management Center. Its incredible how so few people can solve almost immediately any trouble or difficulty that the airport suffers. They have big screens displaying every airport installation that needs to be taken care of, and if anything goes wrong they act as fast as they can to repair it.

Three hours after our arrival, we left the airport, satisfied and curious at the same time: we realized that we all think that we are familiarized with the way big airports work, and they apparently work extremely well, but reality is that there is a small world behind the beautiful façade, working constantly for us to get such a satisfactory impression.