Visit to Cassidian in Manching


The first of our February 12’ professional visits was organized by our Vice President Joan Roca and landed in Munich (Germany) the 7th of February, with a view to visiting the EADS-Cassidian plant in Manching. Not only does it hold the Eurofighter’s Final Assembly Line, but also a number of maintenance plants: those of the OTAN’s AWACS, of the C-160, the P-3 and the German Tornados.

On top of that, we were shown the plant’s private museum, featuring some of the revolutionary aircrafts that Willy Messerschmitt designed. Due to the plant’s military nature we have no photos to show but for those of the museum, but we can assure you that the views and the experience were impressing. The fact that our guide, Mr Hubert Schuler, was equally willing to answer our doubts and well-informed on both the logistical and technical aspects of the factory contributed a lot to the excellent feeling we all left the site with.

After having lunch we thanked EADS-Cassidian staff for their hospitality and then, valiantly resisting the -15º C that seem like North Pole’s climate to us Mediterranean people, we visited the Dachau concentration camp and returned to Munich, were we visited the snowy city center and had a great time.