EMEAC 2011 Lisbon


From 16th to 21st April the EMEAC was held in the wonderful city of Lisboa. Representatives from all around Europe assembled together to define the direction of our Association.

Starting with a Business Meeting full of Local Reports, the Congress soon came to a fruitful discussion to reach an agreement with the EYE Foundation.
On Sunday we were blessed with the sunniest day ever to visit this magnificent capital, from San Jerónimo to Belém and the margins of the Tejo, and had the opportunity to taste the delicious Pastel de Belém.

The following meeting was highlighted by the discussion of the Bylaws which showed that further modifications were needed in the near future. In the evening we all met again to enjoy a barbecue with our Portuguese friends and share our cheerfulness during the Spirits and Sweets of Europe Night.

Finally, the Elections time arrived and the 5 candidates were asked to leave the room and come back one by one to give their presentations and answer the questions from the Congress. Among them was our President, Borja Lázaro, who in the end of the day was elected Secretary of the DIB by 43 votes In Favour and just 1 Not in Favour. That night, was one for celebration...
On the last Business Day a tough, but nevertheless interesting discussion on the Corporate Identity was brought up by AS Aachen. In the evening, we had the Final Dinner all together in a local restaurant accompanied by some beautiful traditional music. We also took the opportunity to put forward the funniest Hikkeli Mikkeli motions for the amusement of the participants.

Lisboa menina e moça, amada...
Cidade mulher da minha vida