New local board election 2011-2012


This year's elections were crucial, because some of our important men could not keep performing their functions for various reasons. Our beloved president, Borja Làzaro, had been elected as Secretary for the DIB, so we needed a new president to begin with! We are very happy and proud of him, and wish him the best of lucks up there. The second position that undoubtedly needed replacement was the Vice Presidency, currently taken over by Pol Guixé. Our Vice President will continue his degree in Cranfield, UK, and even though he will still be part of the Local Board to help us with his advise, the Vice President position will have a new tenant.

The EUROAVIA Terrassa electorate decided that the Local Board 2011-2012 will be as follows:

President: Carles Munich
Vice President: Joan Roca
Secretary: Oriol Rivera
Treasurer: Arnau Miró
Auditor: Marta Planas
IEM: Ramon Guim Ferreté
ICM: Marc Tembleque
Executive Members: José Carlos Font
Aleix Mejías
Carlos Ferraz
Borja Lázaro
Ferran Vila
Pol Guixé
Pau Manent
Albert Arnau

The elections started a 6-months period in which the new LB members or the ones performing new tasks are meant to learn from their predecessors, and after the summer the LB changes will be carried out. I hope we can keep up with the great job
that has been done so far! If there is anything that we do not lack, it is illusion. :)