New local board election 2012-2013


This year’s elections were dramatic as almost the whole board had to step down their positions to endure new challenges in their professional career, from our beloved president, Carles Munich, to our hard-worker editor Ramón Guim. So we wish Carles Munich, Joan Roca, Marta Planas, Ramon Guim Ferreté, Marc Tembleque, Aleix Mejías, Borja Lázaro, Ferran Vila the best in their overseas adventure.

This massive talent leak led us to search a bunch of new volunteers ready to take the great responsibility to manage this big association.

So the EUROAVIA Terrassa electorate decided that the Local Board 2012-2013 would be as follows:

  • President: Bárbara Álvarez Aza
  • Vice President: Albert Baenas Gómez
  • Secretary: Valentín Valhondo Pascual
  • Treasurer: Marco Rampone Estrada
  • IEM: Antonio Shu
  • ICM: Jordi Mensa
  • Webmaster: Olga Martos Julibert
  • Projects Manager: Pau Manent Bistué
  • Executive Members:
    • Martí Navinés Ferrer
    • Miquel Ferrer Gómez
    • Albert Ramírez Torralba
    • Xavier Becerra Fando

The elections, which were carried out on April 25th, were a big success of democracy and started a 5-months period in which the new LB members learned their tasks from their predecessors.

On September 13th, the board took up their posts and is ready to take the world by storm.