EUROAVIA Terrassa has been one of the most active associations inside the EUROAVIA Organization for the pasts few years.

To motivate the students from the ETSEIAT school, AS TERRASSA has organized trips to a great variety of places related to the aerospace community, such as aeronautical companies and facilities, and has participated in many activities such as: Congresses, Fly-Ins, Symposia, Cultural Exchanges, Working Groups & Formation Workshops.

Matlab introduction course
Visit to Airbus Hamburg
Barcelona airport visit 2012
New local board election 2012-2013
Visit to Air Traffic Control Center (Gavà)
Visit to Cassidian in Manching
Visit to ESTEC (Noordwijk)
Festa al Cel 2011 in Barcelona
VIP Tickets to La Festa al Cel 2011
New local board election 2011-2012
Barcelona airport visit 2011
EMEAC 2011 Lisbon
Visit to Airbus Military in Seville
Visit to EUROCOPTER in Marseille
AMEAC 2010 Terrassa