We CanSat


We Cansat Team Terrassa is a development and research group created some years ago to design and develop can sized suborbital satellites with the specific mission of landing in a certain target on the ground.

Two years after the creation of the group and after participating in the first All You Can Fly competition in Madrid the team joined the European Aerospace Students Association EUROAVIA. This allowed the team to recruit new people and to expand its activities in the sensors mounted on the satellite.

In 2010 the team performed in the second All You Can Fly competition obtaining a 3rd position in the come-back competition from 8 teams from all over the world.
Nowadays the team has been designing and testing a new family of new generation cansats with revolutionary improvements in weights and performance and we look forward to participate in the 2012 competition in both categories: come-back and telemetry.

Who is We Cansat?

We are a group of aeronautical and electronics engineering students from the polytechnical university from Terrassa (ETSEIAT). We all share our enthusiasm on expanding our practical knowledge more than we do in class and the need to face and solve real engineering problems.

We thing it is an enriching experience to work in group to achieve a common goal and to have a fixed period of time to work. We are not closed to new people as we think that new people may bring new ideas and truly a different point of view.
The current members of the group are:

Albert Arnau
Pol Cirera
Eloi Ferrer
Xavier March
Jonathan Martínez
Aleix Megías
Iván Sumelzo
Pablo Zurdo