Terrassa Ground Station


Terrassa Ground Station is a student project group formed by EUROAVIA Terrassa local board in 2008, which aims to create a Ground Station satellite receiver based in a low-earth orbit (LEO) satellite tracker.

Since 2008, the project has changed its initial goal, and opens to a more functional and useful solution for student projects and market interests. The fundamental aim of this student group is giving the opportunity for students to enter a spacefield project and prove teamwork and management skills in order to run forward a satellite tracker ground station.

After building a VHF and UHF ground station for LEO satellites, which is currently unactive due to an antenna positioning failure, the project has moved to a new reciver station in order to expand its possibilities. This effort consists of installing a high precision GPS receiever, which would be connected to a network of world wide GPS recievers assisting a software development program from GMV enterprise.

Team members have changed quite every academic year, joining new members -especially young students in early courses- in order to give continuity to the project. By now, the number of former students that have enrolled TGS are 12.

Current active members are six,

Joan Antoni Castillo Grimalt
Boyan Naydenov
Raquel Izaga