Terrassa Rocket Team


Terrassa Rocket Team, which belongs to a bigger student association called EUROAVIA, was born as a student initiative whose aim was to acquire further knowledge in rocketry engineering, teamwork skills and project management abilities.

This rocketry group is constituted by students from Escola Tècncia i Superior d'Enginyeria Industrial i Aeronàutica de Terrassa. Being a part of this team allows them to put into practice what has been previously learned not only during university lectures, but also through their own research.

After having developed some little model rockets and all the necessary equipments to launch them, their following objective was to take part in an international competition, AllYouCanFly 2010, in the category called Battle of Rockets. The competition goal was to reach the maximum height and the maximum speed.

Designing and building a supersonic rocket was quite an ambitious challenge. However, thanks to the engagement and hard work done by the team, Blue Thunder, as this lightweight supersonic rocket was named, obtained the Gold Award.

Who is TRT?

Terrassa Rocket Team members are all students from Escola Tècncia i Superior d'Enginyeria Industrial i Aeronàutica de Terrassa, although this is not a closed group.

On the contrary, we expect that the group will grow in the future so as to continue and improve all the work done up to now. In addition, it would be very interesting to make it a more multidisciplinary group, which would be very useful when developing the different rocket subsystems

The current members of team are:

Jaume Creus Farré
Alejandor Roger Ull
Dorkaitz Alain Vazquez
Pau Manent Bistué
Laura Subías Sin
Francesc Bassa Parpal
David Vallverdú Cabrera
José Carlos Font Trinchant
Efrain Sotelo Ferry
Carles Ortega
Roger Gutiérrez Ramon
Robert Garriga
Oriol Jiménez Pavía
Xavi Paneque Linares
Valentin Valhondo Pascual
Irene Jiménez Fortunato
Olga Martos Julibert
Iris Ávila Martínez
Barbara Álvarez Aza
Antonio Shu
Roger Vilà Miró
Dídac Sellés Alsedà
Marc Trullàs Ballester
Alfonso Vicaria Navarro
Mario Cano Díaz
Georgina Ansaldo Giné
Mary Anabela Diaz Llanos

What is RockLab?

RockLab is a quite new concept, the concept of a flying laboratory where students, professors and companies will be able to test their experiments.

On the one hand, RockLab will make it possible to carry out experiments under extreme conditions of accelerations, vibrations, etc. On the other hand, it will also enable to perform experiments under microgravity and low-gravity conditions.

This flying laboratory will give students, professors and companies the opportunity to put their ideas and projects inside the rocket to try them out. For example, this vehicle will be able to transport CanSat of different categories, or new positioning systems and telemetry systems that could be tested on board. In addition, it could be used to certify new electronic systems to be implemented in real satellites.

However, RockLab will not just be a vehicle which will carry experiments as payload in order to verify their performance. Furthermore, RockLab will be a test bench to get more reliable information about rockets and improve different rocket subsystems and configurations. This will help to widen the knowledge in this field so as to support in the future other students, professors and companies.

Some pictures of RockLab1 are now available in the social networks.

RockLab2 will be built within the frame of UASL project.